Three Things that Made Me Laugh During Yoga Class

by Amy on February 28, 2014

in Self Matters

During yoga, you’re supposed to stay in the “now”, find the spaces between your thoughts and embrace those spaces, clearing your mind and relaxing your thoughts. This week, for a few reasons, I found this to be a challenge. Here are three of those reasons.

1. This:


…because dogs in curlers…needless to say, I now send this to my neighbour, who owns a yellow lab, whenever I have that very question to ask her. (Source unknown…Pinterest? Instagram? I forget.) Not sure why this image crept into my mind during yoga, but there it was.

2. The guy on the bottom right of this image made me laugh so hard before my yoga class this week. I was standing out in the hall waiting for class to start and browsing the Scentsy group I’m part of on Facebook when I saw this. That was me, at the end of January, waiting two hours to get my final order for the month in during the midnight hour. I swore I’d never do that again. Still, I laughed about that guy’s face through my yoga class whenever I couldn’t keep it out of my mind.

don't wait

3. Earlier this week I was showing Graham how I’d progressed with some of my yoga poses and the posture I was showing him was a balancing pose in which you end up crouched on one foot, the other leg’s ankle crossed at the knee and that foot quite near your face.

“Are you going to scratch your nose with your toes?” Graham asked.

That one had me laughing in the middle of yoga class, too.

What’s making you laugh this week?