Find Your CoverGirl #CoverMoment

by Amy on February 25, 2014

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Do you take pictures of yourself?

I remember when the feature was introduced into the iPhone that would allow you to switch views on the camera back toward yourself. It was so much easier than the “backwards selfie”, with your arms and wrists all contorted, and never knowing how the shot would turn out.

If you asked me if I like selfies in general, I would probably tell you that I don’t. Most of them are poorly done, with terrible lighting and with a dose of extra chins. I think it’s a symptom of being the mom in the family…I’m often likely to take pictures of everybody else, and there are a ton of photos in our collection of Nate with Graham because I’m the one behind the lens most of the time.

As I went through our photo archive recently, I was happy to find that I actually do take quite a few photos of myself, especially with other people.

In no particular order, here are my favourite selfies from my collection.

The Spousal Selfie—Taken when you want to document an actual date with your actual spouse, away from your kids.


The Smoochie Selfie—Provided to your spouse when date night just isn’t possible or when you just want to say, “I miss you!”


The rarely seen Glasses Selfie—Yup, I wear glasses. I bet you didn’t know that, did you? It’s because I rarely wear them for photographs, let alone selfies.


The Me and My Girlfriends Selfie—Often complete with awesome photobombs like this one from my friend Haley.


The Me and My Mom Selfie—Bringing parents and technology together!


The Family Selfie—Document those rare times when you’re all out of the house together doing something fun!

My little family at Universal Orlando

The Mom and Kid Selfie—We send these to Graham at work regularly.


The Oh My God Jason Aldean is About to be Ten Feet from Us Selfie—This one is self-explanatory.

Jason Aldean Selfie

The Classic Selfie—It’s a rare thing…the lighting is decent and you feel good about sharing it with others. It’s my #CoverMoment, the moment I felt my most beautiful and empowered self and want to share it with the world.

Amy Urquhart #CoverMoment

To celebrate achieving my #CoverMoment, one lucky reader of Hearts into Home is going to win a CoverGirl gift pack including:

How will you share your #CoverMoment?

Good luck!

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