by Amy on January 28, 2014

in Self Matters

37 is a pretty cool number. It’s the age I turn today around five o’clock. (I’m sure my mom will pinpoint the exact time in the comments section…)

Last year I was wrong about my birthday; I thought I was turning 37 but when I did the math, I realized I was getting ahead of myself. This whole past year feels like a bonus year, a blessing.

But 37? 37 is the year I have a four-year-old son and an almost eight-year-old, solid marriage.

I’ve got a little home-based business I enjoy doing, a warm and cozy home, good friends and neighbours and a big garden space in my back yard. The love of my family surrounds me. My body and mind are healthy.

37 is a pretty great number.

Self Portrait on My 37th Birthday

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