2013: The Highlights Reel

by Amy on January 2, 2014

in Family & Friends

Our Christmas was wonderful, right up until about 8:00 on the evening of Boxing Day. I was sitting in the basement at my dad’s with my brother having…let’s say an emotional moment as the house has been sold and will be turned over to new owners in just four days, when I said to him, “I’m getting sick.” That was the understatement of the year, as it turns out. I found myself in bed for three days with a horrible flu that still hasn’t totally left me.

During those days in bed and in the housebound days since, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on last year and it turns out, it has been pretty wonderful, filled with family, friends both new and old and experiences we will not soon forget and that I am ever so grateful for.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, this is my list of favourite moments from 2013.

1. Finding out I’m going to be an auntie. This was a big surprise and I’m so excited that my big little brother and his wife are going to get to experience all that it means to be a parent. The offer to babysit has already been extended. “I will always have gum,” and all that. May can’t get here soon enough.

Uncle Matt is going to be a great dad!

2. Visiting Universal Studios Orlando for the Family Forward retreat and bringing my mom along for the ride. We had such an amazing time in Florida last August with the Family Forward folks and we are pumped to do it again in 2014! It’s hard to choose one particular moment as my favourite during the trip because we all had a really exceptional time and learned a lot about each other while we were down there, too.

My little family at Universal Orlando

Mom and I poolside at Loew's Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando

3. Riding the Harry Potter roller coaster with Graham at Universal Orlando. I’m proud of this moment because I pushed myself over the line. Graham really wanted to go on this ride but I was afraid. There was no lineup, though, so I finally just made myself go and oh what a rush it was! I had to stop and catch my breath when we got off the ride as I began to see what roller coaster junkies are really looking for when they ride crazy rides. Most of all, I was proud that I did it for Graham because we ended up sharing something exhilarating together.

Hogwart's Castle

4. My trip to Indianapolis for the Scentsy Family Reunion. My annual blog conference has been replaced by attending Scentsy Family Reunion, a convention that is worth every penny and was also worth every mile we drove in our small Hyundai Accent to get there. I shared a hotel room with six other women and had the time of my life, learning about the business, attending a special Kelly Clarkson concert, being named the Scentsy Family Socialite of 2013 for social media influence during the convention and even getting to meet founders and CEOs Heidi and Orville Thompson.

Me, Kelly, Meaghan and Haley, the best photo bomber I know!

5. Father-daughter date night. I got tickets for my dad and I to attend Bugs Bunny at the Symphony and we had a great time laughing to our favourite Looney Tunes cartoons while hearing a symphony perform the soundtrack live. The Barber of Seville doesn’t get any better than this, and sharing that with my dad was really special.

Dad and I before Bugs Bunny at the Symphony

6. Mother-daughter date night. Mom and I went to see Blue Rodeo at the Molson Ampthitheatre and we had a fantastic time drinking some crazy Bacardi drinks and losing ourselves to the music. I tried hard not to care when a random women laughed at me in the bathroom for looking “so serious” and rejoiced when the concession attendant asked to see my ID (she high-fived me when she read my age). We have made Blue Rodeo’s summer show our tradition.

mom amy blue rodeo

7. Nate’s first day of school. As a mom, there are few events a woman is more proud of than seeing her first child off to his or her first day of school. Nate’s first day of school did not disappoint. I took lots of pictures and was so proud of him as he let go of my hand and walked off with his sweet teacher to join the other kids and start down a wonderful new path in his little life.

Nate and I on his first day of school

All of the best times in the last year were adventures and experiences, with us out of the house or out of the country together. And now it’s time to look ahead to 2014, as my friend Terri says, to all “the good times ahead of us”.

What are you most looking forward to this year?