Early Christmas Spirit and a Target Gem

by Amy on November 19, 2013

in Keeping House

It’s November the 19th and our Christmas tree is up and decorated in the living room. This is pretty rare…we usually like to wait until well after Nate’s birthday in late November to start decorating for Christmas. I’ve always been one of those people who likes to wait until December 1st to get in the Christmas mood.

Something has happened, this year, though, and for the first time in a long time I am really excited to get our home fixed up for the holidays. Part of it is just that I’m running out of time…with plenty of events and parties booked for my Scentsy business as well as Nate’s birthday and Graham’s evening course that he’s attending two nights a week, getting an artificial tree for our home this year became almost a necessity. But now that it’s in the house, I’m extra excited for the sights and sounds of Christmas.

I’ve tried not to be too disappointed about not having a real Christmas tree this year. After all, I grew up in a home where we always had fresh Christmas trees, and we have brought Nate in a stroller to select a tree in years past. Even when he was only a week old, Graham and I managed to get out of the house together for an hour to get a fresh Christmas tree!


Over the weekend I caved and popped into Target to see what their selection was like for artificial trees. Unfortunately, the one I selected (which of course, was on sale), was all sold out. I want to hand it to the young staff members I encountered at the North Oshawa Target store, though…they made multiple phone calls to other stores to see if the tree was in stock when I had only asked about one other location.


They offered to carry out the tree I settled on without being asked, and took it upon themselves to ask of management on my behalf whether the sale price would be honoured for the other tree since my original selection was sold out. The young man who helped me to the truck was so kind and patient as I juggled all of the other boxes and items I had in my truck to fit the large boxed tree inside. His name was Roy, and I hope Target realizes the gem they have in him.

(This is in no way a sponsored post. Ho ho ho.)