School Days, Good and Bad

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by Amy on October 2, 2013

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Nate missed school yesterday. He’s had a bad, persistent cough that has had him up with a fever the last few nights in a row.

In some ways, it’s been nice to have him here at home with me. I worry about him while he’s at school, even though it is so close by. His mornings are a bit “up-and-down” with respect to school, and over the last week or so, the morning drop-off at the junior kindergarten playground gate has been difficult.

Nate's School Days

Nate created this “guy” in the sand. The stones are eyes.

Nate is always really excited and animated about going to school while we are at home. As soon as he is dressed he says, “Let’s go to school.” He hops and skips down the sidewalk and looks for his friends while he holds my hand all the way there. Then when we get to the gate, something happens. I don’t know if it’s just that he doesn’t want to be separated from me, or if all of the kids in the school yard are intimidating to him, but he has a hard time with the transition from being my little guy to being one of the kids in the yard.

Nate's School Days
Playing with his OPP police car at the park after school.

His teachers are lovely and understanding and help him to get inside with minimal tears or fighting, but I leave feeling discouraged and sad, wondering if he thinks I don’t want him at home.

Nate's School Days
On a good drop-off day, he has fun with his best buddy, who he knows from daycare.

So although he is sucky and coughing constantly, it’s nice to have my little buddy here with me for a couple of days. And who knows? Maybe he will be happier to get back to school after a couple of boring days at home with me.

Nate's School Days

More fun at the park after school with the kids he is familiar with. These dogs were so fast and fun! A friendly neighbour let all the kids take turns launching balls for the dogs.

Nate's School Days

I’m so grateful for Nate’s buddies to be at the same school with him. We spend an hour or so with them at the park after school most days.