Weedless Wednesday: How to Keep Hanging Baskets Looking Good

How to Keep Hanging Baskets Looking Good

by Amy on May 29, 2013

in In the Garden

It’s Weedless Wednesday again!

After a cool and windy weekend, I came to really appreciate the care that goes into trying to keep hanging baskets looking good throughout the spring and summer. I may have bought my hanging baskets a wee bit early this year, but I wanted to take advantage of the amazing selection during the week before Mother’s Day.

This year I chose these beautiful red geraniums planted with deep purple, almost black petunias and bright red and white verbena. Because the weather has been alternately warm and cool here in Southern Ontario, with some late spring frost warnings, I have carted these and other hanging baskets from their usual spot on hooks into the porch, garage or kitchen as I’ve seen fit to ensure they make it through spring and well into the summer months looking good.

Here’s how to keep hanging baskets looking good all summer long!

1. Make sure you hang your annual hanging baskets in the right location. For example, geraniums and petunias (including wave petunias and million bells) need at least six hours a day of full sun while impatiens and begonias prefer a shady spot. If you hang those shade-lovers in a bright sunny spot, they will not look their best.

2. Water your hanging baskets regularly, preferably before they begin to “pout.” Fibre pots especially dry out quickly and will definitely need to be watered on a daily basis, if not more often during the really hot, windy and dry days of summer.

3. Dead-head spent flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooms all summer long. I like to take my baskets down and put them on the front porch on Saturday mornings to remove all of the spent flowers before watering and re-hanging.

4. Most growers put a healthy dose of fertilizer into hanging baskets when they’re planted, but it doesn’t hurt to add a boost of fertilizer half-way through the season to give encourage blooming.

5. On very windy days, if possible, take your hanging baskets down and put them in a sheltered place. I find that high winds toss the baskets around and cause the plants to throw off petals and “spillers” to get tangled up. Wind also causes hanging baskets to dry out fast. I’d rather take them down for a day or two than leave them up and see them suffer.

So, what have you got hanging up in your yard and garden this year?

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