My Weekend at Blissdom Canada 2012

My Weekend at Blissdom Canada 2012

by Amy on October 23, 2012

in Family & Friends,Self Matters

I had a wonderful weekend in Toronto! I’ve attended blogging conferences before, but I honestly don’t remember laughing as much at any of those as I did this weekend at Blissdom Canada. Spending time with like-minded friends was so good for me. I really do feel as though many of the amazing people I’ve had the privilege of getting to know online over the years have become true friends. I also had the unique pleasure of becoming fast friends with someone new, which, let’s face it, is a rare event in itself at the ripe old age of 35.

A few other thoughts on the weekend…

IMG_3198I was skeptical about the format of the micro-sessions at first. I thought that they would result in a massive game of musical chairs, with conference attendees elbowing one another for a coveted spot at the table of their choice. It didn’t work out that way, at all, though. Everyone I encountered was exceptionally enthusiastic, polite and friendly. I was able to attend the sessions of my choice, and I thought it was great that conference attendees had much closer access to the experts, so to speak.

IMG_6839On that note, as a seasoned blogger (I’ve been doing this on one site or another since 2002!) it’s sometimes difficult to find conference sessions to attend that will provide me with some new information. So I chose Tenille‘s session on writing sponsored posts to see what new information I could learn from her, as well as the session on bookkeeping for Canadian bloggers to help me determine when, and if, I should start thinking more about my blog as a business.

The women at Mom Central Canada hosted a lovely little party at their new office building in Toronto featuring wine, enormous hunks of cheese and the opportunity to meet in person with some of the other Fisher-Price Moms I’ve been interacting with here and there throughout this year’s Fisher-Price Moms program. I’m thankful to them for their hospitality.

I heard a lot of complaints about the breakfast that was served on the morning of the conference. I thought the actual food provided was great, but it would’ve been nice to have a bowl to stir the oatmeal into the yogurt. It’s a small detail but would’ve made all the difference, taking a traditional hotel conference continental breakfast into a DIY yogurt bar.

IMG_6827I was very appreciative to be able to change my selected Sunday excursion from the wine tour in Niagara to the more local photography tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario (thanks for the open lines of communication, Shannon). After a late Saturday night at the costumes and karaoke party (where I neither dressed in a costume nor sang karaoke), being bright eyed and bushy tailed and getting onto a bathroomless bus at 8:30 am was just not going to happen.

IMG_3197As usual, the best parts of the conference took place not in the hotel ballrooms, but in its elevators, hallways, bathrooms and on the streets and in the restaurants nearby. Thank you Jen, Angella, Elan, Aidan, Adam, Gayla, Tanis, Katie, Maureen, Ali, Lynette and all of the other lovely people who took time out of their busy schedule to hang out and chat with little old me. Let’s do it again soon, okay?

(The rest of my small photo set from this weekend is here.)