Third Time’s a Charm with Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park

by Amy on September 28, 2012

in Parenting

Last month we received another delivery from Fisher-Price. We had just arrived home from a trip to grocery store and when Nate saw the boxes on the porch, he could hardly wait to get inside the house and see what was inside! He was especially excited when he discovered one of the boxes contained the Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park, which he began calling his “roller coaster”.

As usual, he had to first “help” me assemble the toy, and that was almost as much fun in itself for him as playing with the Little People amusement park was! Once we had it put together in the living room and ready to go, he was eager to give it a try (and wondered aloud if our cat, Rudy, would like to go in the empty box).

It took three tries, but he got it! He is now able to use his Little People Wheelies (from this set and the others he already has) to go through the loop-dee-loop and also enjoys driving them up to the ticket counter on the amusement park, saying, “Ticket, please!”

With this particular toy, he’s got the three areas of enrichment covered:

Physical: He’s practicing his fine motor skills and co-ordination to figure out how to run the Wheelies through the roller coaster;
Cognitive: He uses his imagination when he’s pretending that the Little People patrons are purchasing roller coaster tickets; and
Social & Emotional: Well, he wanted to share the box with Rudy, right? He’s learning to share, and he also listened to my instructions about how to use the loop part of the toy. I was really proud of how he listened to me and followed my instructions.

Nate Plays with Little People Wheelies Loop 'n Swoop Amusement ParkThis month, when I re-read the Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Playtime Guide, I realized that Nate might be a little bit ahead of his age range. He won’t be three years old until the end of November, but already he is able to do a lot of the things that some three and even four-year-olds can do. He has always been very mechanical, but now his fine motor skills are really developing and he demonstrates a dexterity that astounds me at times (he probably could have figured out how to put this toy together himself). He also has an ability to find and see things that has me shaking my head.

Because we want to continue to encourage Nate to learn and develop, we would likely choose a Fisher-Price toy for him that is recommended for a child who is older than he is. The Joy of Learning Playtime Guide can help you determine the best selection of toys for your own kids, focusing on his or her talents for learning, too!

Disclosure: I am a Fisher-Price Mom and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are always my own.