Enhance Your Family Photo Wall with Elephoto!

Enhance Your Family Photo Wall with Elephoto

by Amy on September 25, 2012

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I have always wanted to have a photo wall in our house. Slowly, over the last year or so, we’ve been working on adding photos to the large, bare space at the top of our main staircase. There are three walls there, each about seven or eight feet wide, creating, in essence, a cube of blank space for us to make use of.

I’m not sure if we will expand our photo wall onto the other two walls because sometimes less is more, but for now I’m very happy with the way it’s turning out.

I love the photo of Graham standing in the huge, industrial-strength sprinkler during our first anniversary celebration in Niagara Falls, back in the summer of 2007. It was the hottest day of the year and he needed to cool off.

Then there is our first family photo taken during a Canada Day party we held in 2010. Nate was just about eight months old.

There is a collage of Nate’s newborn photos taken by my thoughtful friend Victoria, who came over with her camera when Nate was just ten days old, and surprised me with the framed collage not long after that.

We began adding our pets to the wall of photos, too, because they have been members of our family. Mazda is there, along with Farley and Rudy, whose photos are prominent on the family photo wall.

We receive so many compliments from friends and family who come to our home when they see the large, 11 x 17 prints of Nate, Farley and Rudy on our wall of photos. I had them printed with Elephoto, a Canadian online photo service that provides poster-sized photos like ours, as well as canvas prints, photo books, cards and calendars. Their user interface is easy to navigate, and you can upload your personal photos directly from Flickr, Photobucket or even Facebook to create your prints or photo books. Note, however, that you have to first move the photos you want to upload into their own folder within these services before adding them to your photo project.

If you’re looking to add a punch of interest or just that “oomph” factor to your family’s photo wall, Elephoto is generously offering a 15% discount for readers of Hearts into Home. Some poster-sized prints would make an excellent Christmas gift! Simply enter the code HEARTHOME15 at the Elephoto checkout between now and October 15th to take advantage of this discount.

Find Elephoto on Facebook, Twitter and on their blog.

 Disclaimer: All of my interactions with the folks at Elephoto have been extremely positive and their staff members answered all of my questions with a helpful, kind attitude. I received a credit at Elephoto in exchange for providing a review of their service. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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