Reasons to Love the Fall Fair

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair

by Amy on September 10, 2012

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This past weekend we took Nate to the Orono Fall Fair.

I love going to fall fairs, and not just because they sell fudge.

I love everything about the fair…the smells in the air, the fact that they mean autumn is really, truly on the way, and the manner in which farm life is celebrated. It’s wonderful.

Nate had a great time, and so did Graham and I. There are so many reasons why going to the fair is something we enjoyed doing together, and now that we have the truck, we were able to bring Nate’s wagon along with us, which worked out really well.

There were barn animals to feed and to pet.

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

Nate especially loved the bunnies, and kept saying, “Awww,” when he saw the smallest animals, like these sweet little ducklings, who huddled for warmth.

Fuzzy Ducklings

There were cool tractors and machines for the boys to explore. Nate knows the proper names of all these kinds of construction vehicles…even when I don’t! He kept asking, “Maybe, go in?”

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

There were beautiful and oddly shaped garden vegetables to look at and admire. One of these days, I swear I’ll enter my own vegetables in the fair!

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

There were cool rides to look at. Nate wasn’t quite ready to ride any of them, yet. The midway is a noisy place, and he sometimes finds loud noises scary. He was mesmerized by the entire midway experience.

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

There were even ponies to ride, off in a more quiet corner behind the heritage tractor display. Nate did so great with the pony ride, riding like a big boy and patting the pony, who was named Maggie, nicely. I thought he might change his mind about wanting to ride the pony once I lifted him up into that saddle, but he was a real natural and loved it. I don’t know who enjoyed the experience more, he or I.

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

Needless to say, Nate did not want to go home, as you can see…arms crossed MEANS BUSINESS.

Our Visit to the Orono Fall Fair 2012

Luckily, fall fair season is far from over in Ontario and we hope to visit at least one more before it’s too late!

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Only a Mom... September 10, 2012 at 5:04 pm

…probably, would recall that your profile picture is you eating–yes–FUDGE. Always, always–go for the FUDGE.

What a fabulous little story this was. Nate’s little chubby crossed arms and that determined, sad little face is the perfect ending, only because I know he had already had such a wonderful, interesting time.

Kudos on bringin’ the wagon.


Amy September 30, 2012 at 6:16 pm

Actually, it’s me eating chips and dip, my other favourite junk food!


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