Our Long Weekend

by Amy on September 5, 2012

in In the Garden,Self Matters

How is it possible that it is September, now? Wasn’t it just the beginning of summer a day or two ago?

Graham, Nate and I had a very nice long weekend at home together. Graham worked for a few hours on Saturday, but other than that, the three of us spent time together at home, playing in the back yard and working on our latest project for the yard: a new shed.

We already have one shed in the yard, but it seems as though our outdoor storage needs have exceeded the space we have out there. We saw another, nearly identical shed on sale at Canadian Tire recently, and pounced. All week I had been shuffling plants away from a part of the garden that is usually neglected, and had been designated as the future site of the new shed.



Nate’s Gramma Margaret took him for a walk at the Long Sault Conservation Area Sunday morning, so Graham and I could get started putting the floor of the shed together without having to keep Nate from getting into the middle of things.

After the floor was down, Nate was free to wander the yard, “helping” Graham with the shed. I helped whenever I was able to, as well.


Besides putting up the shed, Nate had some fun in the sprinkler…


…ate his first helping of chicken wings…


…collected “trash” from around the yard in his Jeep, which he referred to as his garbage truck…


…and manned his first car wash.


I made sure to squeeze a little bit of relaxation in, too…


…which is more than I can say for Graham, who worked hard all weekend long on this project. At one point I said to him, my voice dripping with sarcasm, “Isn’t this just how you wanted to spend your long weekend?” His response made my heart sing.

“Yes, because I’m spending it with you.”

What did you and your family do during the last weekend of the summer?