Teddy’s, Then and Now

by Amy on August 31, 2012

in Parenting

When Nate was about three months old, Graham and I took him with us for dinner at our favourite restaurant in Oshawa, Teddy’s Restaurant & Deli. Teddy’s has the most amazing deli sandwiches. My favourite thing on the menu is the Reuben sandwich. I always get fries with gravy on the side, and often Graham and I also share a side of sour dills and a small Greek salad. You could practically DRINK the salad dressing, it is so good (and the recipe is a secret). The food comes fast, it’s hot, fresh and delicious, and there’s no lingering…unless you want to, of course. The service at Teddy’s is perfunctory yet friendly.

Graham and I have longed for the day we’d be able to share our love of that place with our little boy, and after that dinner back in February of 2010, we pretty much never went to another restaurant with Nate that didn’t start with the prefix, “Mc” until last week (except for the birthday party we all attended at Jack Astor’s earlier this year), when we ventured back out to Teddy’s with him again.


Nate’s initial reaction to the menu at Teddy’s, all those long months ago, is pretty much what you’d expect from any first-time visitor to the place.

This time, we hoped that Nate would at least eat some french fries and stay amused long enough for Graham and I to eat some dinner before he got bored or cranky or antsy enough that we’d have to get out of there. And we were pretty much right. Nate did eat some french fries, and enjoyed some chocolate milk and a colouring sheet long enough for Graham and I to enjoy our meal without choking it back too quickly. Nate was very well behaved, and with the exception of climbing around on the booth and putting his hands and face all over the mirror beside us, he stayed seated and ate with us. We were thrilled.


Nate has changed a lot since the last time we took him to this place for dinner, hasn’t he?

Eating in restaurants is one of the things that Graham and I miss being able to do since we had our baby boy. It will be really nice when we are able to enjoy it again, more often, with an older child who will sit still and enjoy himself with us. For now, we’re just happy to give it a try with him every now and then, and take advantage of his grandparents’ generous offers to babysit, otherwise.

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* * *

Have a wonderful, safe long holiday weekend, everyone! Enjoy your time together…it’s fleeting, as always.