“It’s Still Summertime” Pizza

by Amy on August 27, 2012

in In the Garden,In the Kitchen

Last week I wrote about a delicious summertime salad (aptly nicknamed, “It’s Still Summertime” Salad) that we had for dinner. This week I want to share with you my take on preserving the feel of summer through one of our favourite things to eat: pizza.

We’ve gotten into the habit of ordering in dinner on Friday nights, and many nights we’ve made pizza our treat of choice. I picked up some packaged, whole-wheat pizza shells and had them on hand in the freezer, and they came in very handy on pizza night this week, as a substitute for ordering out.

This delicious pizza’s toppings included green zebra tomatoes, onions, peppers and chopped kale from the garden. It was a vegetarian pizza, but I think I can even speak for Graham when I say that all the wonderful toppings straight out of the garden meant we didn’t even miss the meat!

(Toddler-version of homemade pizza, snubbed moments later by Nate, is seen in the background.)