Trailer Talk

by Amy on August 21, 2012

in Family & Friends,Parenting

On Saturday Graham was working so Nate and I needed something to do together. My Dad and Heather were heading to Grafton with their trailer, so Nate and I headed up there while Graham sealed driveways. Nate visited the trailer once last summer at the same park, actually, and had such a good time. This summer was no different…except it was different.

Nate stayed with us. He didn’t run off at every chance like he would have a year ago. This little day trip proved to me just how much he’s growing up and becoming such a nice, mostly well-behaved little dude who is really a lot of fun to be with. We laughed when we remembered that a year ago he sat outside the trailer in a camping chair chugging down a bottle. He’s changed so much since then.

He enjoyed jumping on the bed in the trailer, and checked out every shelf, cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny he could get his little hands on.

A Visit to the Trailer

He ate like a man, snacking on grapes, crackers, his Gramma Heather’s breakfast of French toast and after playing awhile also ate a hot dog, cucumbers, Timbits and stole his cousin Jaxson’s chocolate milk. The fresh air must have had an effect on his appetite!

He played at the park with Grampa, who climbed and played in the sand in spite of the effects of a “man cold”.

A Visit to the Trailer

Nate also enjoyed checking out the little stream that wound its way through the park, looking at dragonflies and minnows. (We thought of Gramma Mary when we realized there could be frogs around…)

A Visit to the Trailer

Grampa even took a picture with Nate AND Mommy in it, together, a rare occasion, since I’m usually the one holding the camera. Nate’s face looks a little weird, but I’ll take it!

A Visit to the Trailer

Graham’s family had a trailer when he was a child, and he speaks often of it, fondly. It could be that our little family is heading in the direction of trailer ownership, too!