How to Store and Organize Cleaning Supplies in the Linen Closet

How to Organize Your Linen Closet Using a Shoe Rack or Shoe Holder

by Amy on August 15, 2012

in Keeping House

Last weekend I took a couple of hours to empty out the linen closet. It had become a wasteland of cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, linens and other bits and pieces of household detritus that had nowhere else to go and had settled there. I was tired of opening up the door to look for something and finding nothing I actually needed.

I’ve seen a lot of good ideas online for storing cleaning products on the inside of linen closet doors, but didn’t want to have to install any shelves or racks or anything that permanent. I realized that I had an over-the-door shoe holder in my clothes closet that had no shoes in it. It was just hanging on the back of the closet door, empty. So I decided to re-purpose it. The shoe rack worked great! I rounded up all of my bottles of cleaners, including small, easy-to-lose cleaners like silver polisher, a bleach pen, room fresheners, and the like, and placed them all in the shoe holder on the inside of my linen closet door along with other cleaning essentials like sponges, dusters and rubber gloves. I added a couple of hooks and a holder for storing grocery bags, which I use to line the upstairs bathroom garbage bins.

I also purged the contents of the linen closet, first by emptying it out, then by sorting the items. Any item we hadn’t used in the last year was donated or given away.

Cleaning and Organizing the Linen Closet

Nate helped, of course.

Nate’s blankets went into the top shelf of the closet in his room, and suddenly there was actually enough space in our tiny linen closet for all of our sheets, blankets, duvets and area rugs.

Opening that closet is no longer a chore!