Nate’s Tool Belt

Nate's Tool Belt

by Amy on August 14, 2012

in Parenting

Earlier this spring a storm wrecked havoc on our back yard fence. Graham managed to apply a temporary fix that would prevent the fence from falling over onto the garden and into the yard, but we had trouble co-ordinating schedules with our neighbours most of the summer to get it fixed properly. Until this weekend.

Building the Fence with Dad

Of course, Nate was in there like a dirty shirt, poking around in the dirt, picking up pieces of wood and helping with his tools, drilling and hammering away.

On Monday evening the boys were at it again, this time reconstructing the tattered fence they tore down on Sunday. Nate took particular notice of Graham’s tool belt. We remembered the little tool belt that Graham had bought for Nate when he was still a baby and I went into the house to get it for him.

Building the Fence with Dad

This. The expression on Graham’s face is what gets me every time. Real pride.

Before yesterday, Nate refused to wear the tool belt but now that he had an important job to do, he was all for it. I put it on him and almost lost my mind from the cuteness. Graham did, too.

Building the Fence with Dad

Nate wants to be just like his dad and is equally eager to be helpful. Watching my boys together made me feel so happy and proud and like we are doing a good job raising our handsome little son.

Building the Fence with Dad