Little Feet

Little Feet

by Amy on August 9, 2012

in Parenting

Earlier this summer we started to get into the habit of getting sun screen onto Nate every morning on the way to daycare. He calls it his “sun seem”. At first I was using sun screen cream, and then Nate’s daycare provider made the very helpful suggestion to provide him with a sprayable sun screen for her to put on him in the afternoons. I guess when you have a dozen kids needing sun screen, time is of the essence, and a brief spritz is much easier to manage twelve-fold than a slathering of cream.

One morning, on our way out, I asked Nate to stay still on the front porch so I could spray on his sun screen. I spritzed his neck, arms, legs and feet too, because he’s rocking a wicked sandal tan. As I sprayed his feet, the sun screen mist drifted onto the deck around his feet, creating an unanticipated sun screen stain on the wood.

Ever since then, the mark of Nate’s little feet has been a prominent feature of our front porch.

We’ve been planning to power wash the porch at some point, but when we do I’ll be sad to see the imprint of those little feet washed away. They’re a mark of our Nater, of who he is this summer. I think it’d be cool to leave it be and compare his footprint to the sun screen footprints of a special two and a half year old boy. (I can’t help but feel like there’s a Pinterest project lurking in this somehow…)