Mom’s New Ride

Mom's New Ride

by Amy on August 8, 2012

in Parenting,Self Matters

For the past few months, Graham has been monitoring Kijiji for a new vehicle for us. Not a “new”, new vehicle…a “used”, new vehicle. You see, he’s been commuting a couple of hours each day to work lately and in the truck he’s been driving, that’s a lot of gas mileage and money spent on fuel, too. The ideal situation would be for Graham to drive our Hyundai Accent to work, finding something else for me to drive around town to do errands and to drive back and forth to the college. The other truck would be parked and used only for our seasonal business.

Graham’s diligent searching paid off over the weekend when he found a 2001 Ford Explorer in nearby Newcastle for sale. He went Saturday morning to see it and liked it enough to bring it home for Nate and I to check out. Nate and I both agreed that it was a great little truck and would be perfect for us to ride around town in together. We took the deal and now we’re the proud owners of what we’ve been referring to as “the Mom-mobile”. Nate calls it “Mommy’s truck.” Little does he know just how much Mommy has always wanted a truck of her own to drive!

Our New 2001 Ford Explorer

Graham and our mechanic in training.

The back of the truck has a lot of space for the stroller, groceries, and best of all, for buying flats of plants and bags of potting soil in spring. There’s a very handy, hard, plastic tray that sits in the back cargo area that can be easily removed and hosed out.

Our New 2001 Ford Explorer

How many flats of plants do you think I can fit in here?

The seats are leather, which was an item on my Mom-mobile wish list, so that I could be able to wipe the vehicle seats clean, a perk we don’t have with the Accent, and is proving to be almost a necessity when you’ve got a messy toddler who eats snacks on the go in the car (or a messy mom who spills coffee regularly in the car).

Our New 2001 Ford Explorer

The “leathah”. Let’s see how long I can keep the truck this clean.

The woman who drove the truck before we bought it was sad to see it go. She and her husband are downsizing in anticipation of retiring and said it had always been a good truck for her. Graham promised her we’d take good care of it, and that’s a promise I intend to keep!