Planning Our Staycation

Summer Vacation Plans for Toddlers

by Amy on July 29, 2012

in Parenting

Last week I sent a brief message to Joanne, Nate’s daycare provider, asking her to re-confirm her summer holidays coming up in the month of August. I wanted to know if I would need to figure out alternate childcare if her holidays overlapped with the remaining weeks that I’ll be teaching this summer.

It turns out, her two weeks off are exactly the same as my two weeks off.

I’ll admit, at first I was a little bit…unnerved by this. I had been anticipating some time to get the house really clean, organized and all of my academic planning for the fall semester under my belt during those two weeks. Now that I know Nate will be home with me, I realize that I won’t be able to get quite as much done as I had anticipated.

My apprehension has since been replaced with excitement and appreciation. Tonight as Nate and I walked home from our excursion to the corner store to buy milk, I started to brainstorm some ideas for us to spend our little vacation at home together at the end of August. Here are the ideas I came up with:

  • Spend the morning at the splash pad. The park closest to our house has a great, large splash pad. We’ll save outing for a really hot morning, bringing snacks and drinks with us for summer fun.
  • Visit the Bowmanville Zoo. This small zoo is just down the street from our neighbourhood, in walking distance from home.
  • Hit the beach. I haven’t taken Nate to Lake Ontario yet and with his love of sand, I’m sure he’ll love to visit the beach and play at the large playground at Lakeview Park in Oshawa. We can build a sandcastle, collect stones, play at the playground, and bring a picnic to have on a blanket on the sand.
  • Go swimming. Our neighbours across the street have an above-ground swimming pool and have graciously offered us the use of the pool on many occasions. We will have to take them up on that offer as Nate loves the water and also loves spending time with their yellow lab, Coral.
  • Go camping. This idea is a little bit more ambitious than the first two items on my list, and it involves borrowing the trailer from my dad and step-mom. The details of this weekend-long getaway are still in the works, but we are hoping to spend a weekend together at a provincial park. I think Nate will LOVE camping.
  • Go shopping. At IKEA, that is. Just because I’ll have Nate home with me, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to work on a couple of small organizational projects here at home. One of those projects involves creating a better storage solution for toys in the living room. We can also have meatballs, one of Nate’s favourite foods (not that I mind them either, of course).
  • Play in the garden. We should be in the middle of prime tomato season at the end of August, so we’ll be spending some time out there, harvesting and enjoying eating tomatoes.


I think that’ll nicely fill the two weeks with a lot of happy and fun family memories, if it doesn’t completely exhaust us in the process! We will not likely do all of the things on the list, but if we can do a few of them, I’ll be very happy with the quality time Nate and I will have together before the hectic month of September begins.

How will you be spending the rest of the summer holidays with your family?

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