Freshly Cut

Freshly Cut

by Amy on July 28, 2012

in Keeping House

The nicest part of having a flower garden in summer does not necessarily have anything to do with food. Well, most days it has something to do with food, but today, the best thing about my garden is that I have an abundance of flowers in bloom that I can cut and bring indoors to enjoy.

In this arrangement I have a single sunflower (this is either “Chocolate Cherry” or “Cinnamon Sun” from Renee’s Garden…I’m not sure which one because it simply reseeded itself from another season in the garden) along with an heirloom echinacea called “Green-Headed Coneflower,” traditional purple coneflower, black-eyed susans and a pink, fragrant phlox. They’re arranged in an old, crystal water pitcher that belonged to my Gramma Holtby, and is currently prettying up the dining room here at home.

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