Pizza Night (Project 366, Day 63)

Pita Pizzas

by Amy on March 3, 2012

in In the Kitchen,Project 366 2012

Tonight for supper we had pita pizzas. I like making these because I can use up lots of little odds and ends in the fridge and we can each have our own pizza the way we like it. Graham and I had ours with ham, red pepper, red onion, fresh basil, grape tomatoes and cheese, and Nate’s had just cheese. I added pepperoncini peppers to Graham’s because he considers those to be one of the major food groups.

I also like that I have so much more control over what goes on homemade pizzas as opposed to buying frozen pizza. We use whole wheat or whole grain pitas or naan bread for the crust and if I’m feeling industrious, I can sometimes hide some finely chopped spinach or other vegetable on Nate’s pizza. In the summer, we sometimes make these on the barbecue, using fresh veggies & herbs from the garden. This is yet another reason to wish that summer would hurry up and just get here already!