Nate’s First Basketball Game

by Amy on March 17, 2014

in Parenting

There are a few different titles I considered for this post: “Nate’s First NBA Game”, “Nate’s First Raptor Game”, “Nate’s First Visit to the ACC”, “Nate’s First GO Train Ride”…they all apply!

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day for our Nate. I took him on the GO Train into the city to Air Canada Centre to attend the Sunday afternoon Toronto Raptors game. Graham stayed behind to work on a home renovation project, so it was a Mom and Nate day. Did you know that kids ride the GO Train for free until the age of 6? I didn’t! It’s good to know when budgeting for family outings.

Nate was especially excited to sit upstairs on the train, and asked a million questions on the train ride into Toronto, which took about an hour.


He did really great navigating the crowds with me. There was a time when a noisy crowd and a loud experience would be too much for him to handle, but yesterday he showed me that he has come a long way, even enjoying the music and light show at the beginning of the game that included fire bursts and fireworks!


He munched on a bag of BBQ peanuts and we shared lunch during the first quarter.


He cheered whenever the people around us cheered…even though the guy beside us was a Suns fan. I was really proud of what a big boy Nate was at the game. It had been awhile since I watched him experience something for the first time, and I was reminded of all the things we adults take for granted and how much I still have to show him. When he caught his first glimpse of the inside of the arena, he exclaimed, “Whoa!” It was so much fun to watch him. He cheered and clapped his little hands and sang, “Let’s go, Raptors!” and loved watching the Raptor mascot run around the court.


A little girl behind us began shrieking during the second quarter, and that’s when Nate asked to go home.

I thought he had done really well, so we called it a day at half-time and headed back to the train.


Thanks very much to @Swiffer for sending us to the game together! It was a great way to cap off the March Break. We’re sorry we missed the #SwifferClean Hardwood Matchup, but you know how it is with a four-year-old…


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