by Amy on July 11, 2015

in Self Matters

It has been well over a year since I wrote my last post on this site…so long that there’s a visible difference in Nate’s appearance in that last post about the first time I took him to an NBA game. He still looks like a little guy in those photos, with baby cheeks and wide eyes.

Since then he finished both junior and senior kindergarten. He’s a big boy now, who plays soccer. He’s going to be six years old this fall.


Since that last blog post, it feels simultaneously like all kinds of things have happened, and that nothing much new has happened at all.

We are still living in Bowmanville, the three of us. We still have our two cats. We still run two side businesses.

We still work lots, want to pay off our mortgage sooner rather than later, and make plans for the days ahead when we will be able to take lots of family trips together. We dream of having a back yard deck and a swimming pool for Nate and like many families, a vacation at Disney World.

And of course, I still love to write blogs, which brings me back here. I’m a business owner, blogger, a gardener, friend, runner and the mom of an almost six-year-old boy.


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